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Supply-chain management within a firm is concerned with the flow of goods and services from firms to consumers. The design of high-performance supply chains depends decisively on the information available to the different parties. The available information technologies, together with the incentives for the sharing of information within and across firm boundaries, are of key importance for the analysis and optimization of supply chains.

This course provides an overview of the economic drivers and technological possibilities for designing a successful supply-chain strategy, especially in view of information flows.

<Current Syllabus (Version: September 28, 2018)> 


++NEWS++ The best team project in 2018 will be awarded the 6th Deloitte OES Prize. Members of Deloitte Consulting and Prof. Weber will be on a panel to judge the projects and presentations. The winning team will be announced in class, on December 12, 2018:






·       2017 Deloitte OES Prize Winners: Pierre DUSSAUX / Benjamin ZIMERAY

(“Arte Beauty & Wellness: Leveraging Wasted Capacity through IT Solutions”)


·       2016 Deloitte OES Prize Winners: Céline FISCHER / Valentin TERRAIL / Xiaoran YU

(“Takinoa Restaurant at the Rolex Learning Center: Operations and Demand Analysis”)


·       2015 Deloitte OES Prize Winners: Christophe DONZÉ / Niels PICHLER / Benjamin PREVIDOLI

(“Selecta on the EPFL Campus”)


·       2014 Deloitte OES Prize Winners: Shubham BANSAL / Thomas GUIBENTIF / Marc SOLSONA BERNET

(“Le Négoce: Survival Under Extreme Conditions”) 


·       2013 Deloitte OES Prize Winners: Dimitri CORDENIER / Alexis DUBIL

(“GeoRoute at PostLogistics”)


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<2015 Complete Set of Handouts (Version: December 20, 2015)>
[For illustration, so there is something to take notes on. The 2018 lecture
notes contain some important updates. They are posted shortly before
each class.] 

1: Origin and Scope of Logistics & Operations
2: Supply-Chain Coordination

3: Strategic/Tactical/Operational Decisions

4: Performance Metrics & Pricing

5: Inventory Management: Basics
6: Dealing with Risk
7: Information Sharing and Enabling Technologies
8: Cooperation and Relational Contracts
9: Sourcing Decisions and Contracting



Current Problem Sets & Solutions

·       Problem Set 1 (Due: Wed, Oct 3)    Solutions

·       Problem Set 2 (Due: Wed, Nov 14)    Solutions

·       Problem Set 3 (Due: Wed, Nov 28)    N/A


Exams & Solutions

·       Midterm Exam (2011, Nov 23)    Solutions

·       Midterm Exam (2012, Nov 21)    Solutions

·       Midterm Exam (2013, Nov 20)    Solutions

·       Midterm Exam (2014, Nov 18)    Solutions


Useful Links & Resources


A.    General Resources

·     EPFL Library × information about the library and useful starting point to find electronic resources available at EPFL

·     Nebis Catalogue × here you can check EPFL’s and other Swiss libraries’ holdings, and order books to the circulation desk

·     Inomics × index of Economics conferences (quite comprehensive, but still incomplete)

·     JSTOR × download top journal papers in Business, Economics, Statistics; most recent years not available

·     Social Science Citation Index × useful to forward-search references to key papers that you identify: after searching the paper, go to its full record, click on the number next to “Times Cited”, then on the following page click on “Total”; the citation index sometimes also contains direct links to databases with pdf-copies of the papers

·     Social Science Research Network × large repository of current working papers in the social sciences


B.    Supply-Chain Management Resources

·       CIO

·       CIO Insight

·       Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals

·       EBN


·       SupplyChainBrain

·       Wikipedia