MGT 621 – Microeconomics


9. Markets and Intermediaries


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          Lecture Notes (Overheads Used In Class)

·         Lecture 9 – Slides


Reading (Preparation)

·         N/A (read slides carefully)



Questions (Preparation)

·         What is an intermediary? Provide examples (online and offline).

·         What are common market imperfections? Provide examples.

·         How can an intermediary fix those imperfections, at least partially? Provide examples.


Background Reading (for future reference only)

·         Spulber, D.F. (1999) Market Microstructure: Intermediaries and the Theory of the Firm, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK.

·         Weber, T.A., Zheng, Z. (2007) “A Model of Search Intermediaries and Paid Referrals,” Information Systems Research, Vol. 18, No. 4, pp. 414—436.

·         Weber, T.A. (2014) “Intermediation in a Sharing Economy: Insurance, Moral Hazard, and Rent Extraction,” Journal of Management Information Systems, Vol. 31, No. 3, pp. 35—71.