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Mathematics Genealogy Project

Intellectual Heritage


         2005 – Bruno H. Strulovici

Dissertation: “Essays in Mathematical Economics and Finance”

Reading Committee: Darrell Duffie, Paul Milgrom

First Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Northwestern University


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         2006 – Abhishek Bapna

Dissertation: “Essays in Mechanism Design”

Reading Committee: Ramesh Johari, Michael Ostrovsky

First Position: Google


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         2007 – Hongxia Xiong

Dissertation: “Coordination and Inventory Management in Supply Chains”

Reading Committee: Warren Hausman, Hau Lee

First Position: DemandTec


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         2008 – Claire D. Tomkins

Dissertation: “Allocation and Pricing of Water Resources”

Reading Committee: David Freyberg, James Sweeney

First Position: Director of Research, Carbon War Room


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            2013 – Naveed Chehrazi

Dissertation: “Identification and Optimization of Stochastic Systems”

Reading Committee: Peter Glynn, Yinyu Ye

First Position: Assistant Professor of Operations Management, McCombs School of Business, University of Texas at Austin


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            2013 – Lauren E. Cipriano (co-advised with Prof. Margaret Brandeau, Stanford University)

Dissertation: “Optimal Information Collection for Dynamic Health Care Policy”

Reading Committee: Margaret Brandeau, Douglas Owens

First Position: Assistant Professor of Management Science, Ivey Business School, University of Western Ontario


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            2017 – Maryam Razeghian

Dissertation: “The Economics of Sharing Markets”

Jury: Semyon Malamud (EPFL; jury president), Daniel Kuhn (EPFL), David Myatt (LBS), Armin Schmutzler (Univ. of Zurich)

First Position: Hewlett Packard