MGT 431 – Information: Strategy and Economics


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This course serves as an introduction to the economics of information and its strategic ramifications. The main objectives are:

·         to use economic theory to understand strategic interactions in the presence of uncertainty and estimate the value of information;

·         to analyze competitive strategy in an information economy.


<Current Syllabus (Version: February 21, 2018)> 


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Prof. Thomas A. Weber

Operations, Economics and Strategy (OES)


Phone: +41 21 693 01 41

Fax: +41 21 693 00 20


Office Hours: Wed 17h – 18h


Teaching Assistance

Michael Mark                                                                                   


Phone: +41 21 693 12 32

Office Hours: Tue 17h – 18h



Administrative Assistance

Ms. Ilona Ball                                                           


Phone: +41 21 693 00 39

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Course Materials (requires authentication)

1: Competition and Market Power
2: Product Differentiation

3: Pricing Methods

4: Externalities and System Effects

5: Moral Hazard and Incentives
6: Markets and Intermediaries
7: Imperfect Competition: Search Markets
8: Auctions and Bargaining
9: Sharing Markets



Current Problem Sets & Solutions

·         Problem Set 1 (Due: March 14)    Solutions

·         Problem Set 2 (Due: April 11)    Solutions

·         Problem Set 3 (Due: April 25)    Solutions


Exams & Solutions

·         Midterm Exam (2018)    Solutions

·         Practice Midterm Exam (2017)    Solutions

·         Practice Midterm Exam (2016)    Solutions

·         Practice Midterm Exam (2015)    Solutions


Useful Links & Resources


A.   General Resources

·       EPFL Library × information about the library and useful starting point to find electronic resources available at EPFL

·       Nebis Catalogue × here you can check EPFL’s and other Swiss libraries’ holdings, and order books to the circulation desk

·       Inomics × index of Economics conferences (quite comprehensive, but still incomplete)

·       JSTOR × download top journal papers in Business, Economics, Statistics; most recent years not available

·       Social Science Citation Index × useful to forward-search references to key papers that you identify: after searching the paper, go to its full record, click on the number next to “Times Cited”, then on the following page click on “Total”; the citation index sometimes also contains direct links to databases with pdf-copies of the papers

·       Social Science Research Network × large repository of current working papers in the social sciences


B.   Supply-Chain Management Resources

·         BCG Strategy Institute

·         CyberEconomics

·         Economics of Networks

·         intrade

·         Investopedia

·         McKinsey Quarterly

·         Search Engine Watch